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Finding Femininity:
3 Keys to Inspire a Man's Commitment

What You Will Learn


1. Pursuit of Self - Femininity starts with the Inner Game. It starts with the deep BELIEF that you are worthy of RECEIVING. I will be asking you thought provoking questions to help you eliminate your old belief patterns that are leading you to inaction, fear of rejection, and self-sabotage.

2. Positioning - When it comes to finding our Femininity, I want to teach you the importance of your positioning. The Masculine and Feminine Dance. How to not jump ahead too soon in order to attract and keep your suitor interested and inspired to continue pursuing you.

3. Power Play - In this phase, I want to give you practical tips on getting out there. I will teach the best places to go to meet quality men. I will also give you a bulletproof Dating Formula to follow as you start to put yourself out there!

I'm excited to dive into this training with you!

The Details: 
When: Monday, August 28th
Time: 5pm PST
Where: Zoom
Teaching followed with LIVE Q&A

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Finding Femininity - Attract Your Dream Relationship


Hey, girl! I'm Rachel!


I’m a Certified Dating Coach, podcaster, & relationship expert.

Before I was a dating coach, I was a disaster at dating! I had so much underlying hurt, I self-sabotaged any chance at finding a partner.

Long story short, I did inner work with a therapist and a dating coach and six months later met my husband.

Now I live to help women identify their hurt and begin the healing process so that they can find love.