Hey girl, I'm Rachel! 

I’m a Certified Dating Coach, podcaster, & relationship expert on a mission to change the world, one love story at a time!

The truth is, I used to be awful at the dating game.


HELLO BEAUTIFUL. If you are reading this, I’m glad you’re here. I have a passion for helping women overcome their dating obstacles!


Well, just for starters, I was the queen of self-sabotage.

I had so much underlying hurt I was completely unaware of and finally one day someone close to me called me out and asked me if I had seen a “Professional."

I laughed at him and said “No."

To be honest, without going into the details, that day CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE.

It was the day I met my own soul.

It was the day I acknowledged I might be good at flirting and getting attention from men but to keep them, that I couldn’t do.

The crazy thing about it was that it had nothing to do with the men and EVERYTHING to do with me.

Long story short, I ended up seeing a therapist and I got myself a relationships coach and met my husband after 6 months of really diving deep into my own hurt.

Now, I live to help women cross over from the surface stuff to the REAL stuff.

I live to help women learn the tools it really takes to attract high-quality men and open their hearts up for REAL love.

Not Netflix love, but real love that lasts and has follow through!!

I am a walking success story!!

If I can overcome all of this, YOU CAN TOO!

If you’d like to talk with me, or just write and get a real answer from me, let me know what you need by clicking right here!